Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Latest In My World...

Just checked my blog and noticed i have not blogged for ages.....OK!The last few months have been cool.I,ve been doing a few studio sessions,also experienced one of my worst musical disasters ever (which i cant talk about but im sure,but not sure all will see and hear
Over the last few months ive been working a fair bit over in the UAE and places (bahrain,abu dhabi,beirut),i thought i should upload a few snaps i took while out there along with lil descriptions and stuff............


i went onto the very top the hotel i was staying in and snapped this quickly.That twin tower looking building was crazy....the skyline on a whole in bahrain was crazy.i got a fear of heights so i was too scared to go near the edge and take a proper snap.Dont judge ME!
LOL..i had just came out of baskin robbins..and spotted this car..looks like the batmobile!SICK!
On the beach in Bahrain..and once again a sick skyline..might not look impressive in photo's...but seeing it with your own eyes its kinda cool.


I only got ONE snap of beirut!!!i dont know why because it was a very intresting place..and the people!!!what can i say!!!!NICE!...Apart from the part where somebody chucked ice at me as i walked off the stage after finishing my performance.

Abu dhabi is now one of my fav countries that ive ever been too!i had one of the best times while out there:)shame i didnt take more pics though!lol

This pic was taken while in the back of a cab on the way to my hotel after walking around a massive shopping centre...i was bursting to use the toilet when i took this by the
This was taken while at soundcheck..the venue had like a open plan area which had this SICK night it was lit up with blue light.crazy view.

But yes thats it really!.