Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Orange Rooms-Bournemouth

Gonna keep this short and sweet.Ok so basically the other day i performed at Orange Rooms in bournemouth.The journey down there was LONG AND CRAZY,because before catching the train i had to run to west end to pick up a jack lead for my hooo.Once on the train my friend decided he wanted to lose his ticket (lol)..he had moved seats a few times and was convinced somebody was sitting on he had to ask everybody to stand up and stuff...mwahaha.We arrived in Bournemouth and i was suprised it was quite a nice looking place..very quiet because all the uni students had buggered back off to whatever part of the UK they are from.We lounged around for a while at the hotel,ate kfc (we are from hackney thats just what we do) once we had finished the room smelt of hot wings and twista meals mixed with a overcoating aroma of bbq sauce.YES!.Anyways the promoter came and picked us up and i went for soundcheck.The 5 minute drive to the venue was a tense one...i really wanted to let one go but didnt want the promoter to think bad of me..and take away the vision that im this cool and proper violinist...luckily we parked up just in time and i released as exiting the car(im a guy and do guy things like fart and laugh..but only when we like roll deep and stuff ,even though the promoter is a PROPER COOL GUY and sure me and him will be friends till the end).So i soundchecked and was dropped back at the hotel.Me and my friend Jay spent the next few hours talking about life,music and which musicians we think are cool and which we think smell of gone of cod and chips with garlic sauce.(FASTFOWARD TO GIG).Arrived at venue at it was kinda packed,we was escorted to the v.i.p section where we chilled and knocked a few drinks back (im rock and roll because i play the violin and drink at some of my gigs...*burps* i mean all).I was observing the crowd,i saw alot of cool people..there was this guy who was waving a umbrella around which got on my nerves cause im supersticious and was thinking to myself "this guy is gonna jinx my whole performance".......
So i took the stage and i had a wicked time...the audience were too cool for school and were acting cool while i was performing which i liked...after i finished i lent over the railings that were on front of the stage and touched everybodys hands.:) Check the Photos below (courtesy of 
(above)That lady whos head is next to the "dontstayin" logo..actually got aggressive after the performance and tried to follow me backstage after the performance...she was a strapping lass.not to be messed with,even the security looked scared.A lady with a hoodie waving round a cup of stella SHOULD NOT BE APPROACHED.HIGHLY DANGEROUS.

Big Up everybody i met !!!