Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sundays are Boring.

Im so bored.....this is what i can see right now.My fireplace and a red picture.

Dont say your gonna share if your NOT.

Me and somebody went to "Canteen " for something to eat yesterday.I had a banging chicken and chips.I was ready to ask for the bill when  the person i was with suggested we order a desert to share..So we got a banoffee pie
I didnt think i was really gonna eat much of it,,but after the first bit i was FULLY INVOLVED.The thing is i only got 3 spoonfuls,while the other person who suggested we "share" got at least 9 mouthfuls...Moral of the story dont say your gonna share if you have no intention of sharing.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Memories....Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

This is another good memory so far!The middle of this year i got to perform at the bahrain formula 1 grand prix!...For those who dont know where Bahrain is...its near Saudi Arabia.
First thing im gonna say is that its HOT over there....not carribean hot or hot country hot...i mean HOT.For the first time i got proper was my fault though cause i was warned NOT to go in the sun and i didnt listen....but yeah!Those F1 cars are loud..since my ears have not been the left ear is kinda damaged now.The performances went well and the crowd were cool (i think for some it was their first time hearing a violinist play hip hop or performing a dad and his two young kids came over with posters of f1 cars asking for a autograph,,,i had nowhere to lean on so did it on the floor,not realising the floor had grooves in when i went to sign it..i tore a big hole in it...SORRY!haha
I wonder if i will return to perform at a F1 event ...........hmmmm


I like to sometimes sit down and go through gd memories of gd experiences...One that im going to highlight in this blog post is from touring with Estelle on her european tour last year.It was defintly a good one.As a violinist it was good too because the music was very challenging (the keyboard player had me playing riffs that most violinists would be shook and the shows were crazy and uplifting!Im not going to go into too much detail but my fave show was in Amsterdam!While there during the daytime i went for a walk on my own..and actually liked it alot...theres something about amsterdam thats nice...maybe its the vibe...dunno!I remeber sitting in mcdonalds or wherever it was and just looking out onto the street and thinking "i like it here"...(random)
but yea below is a video from the performance that was defintly a show im never going to forget.....ever!!!!!!!!(im on the lefthand side playing the violin (obviously)lol

Saturday, 14 November 2009


In life you will come across different characters..some people are confident,some are wacky,some are shy until they have a few drinks.I think one type of personality that most people get annoyed by is people with hugh EGO's...I do not have a problem with people who constantly brag or boast about how great they are,,,and how wack everybody else is.I dont mind ego aslong as its backed up by the person having crazy talent,a success rate in their work field or having a gd heart etc....I came across this video and found it really intresting!Click on it and hear their views on "Ego"...


If you knew me when i was 14-18 yrs old you would know that i was a heavy acrobat,and use to be able to backflip all over the all kinda stopped when i landed on my head one day and decided it wasnt good for me.I came across this video,this guy does a move called a DOUBLE LAYOUT,which is a double back somersault.This move is usually performed on a springy floor...THIS GUY IS THE MAN!....please do not try this at home.this move is very difficult and dangerous alright peoples!lol.

A lady on the street...but a yob on the pitch.

Had to blog this......
Elizabeth Lambert you are a hooligan.For some reason i always thought womens football would be a clean game..until i saw this video!What a lady!lol

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Speaking in a calm voice can get you alot further....

Aggression is a trait that excists in everybody.
Most time aggression is not needed in situations.
Just because somebody says "NO" it doesnt mean you should flick on your aggressive button.
When somebody busy or doing something and cant answer your call,dont mean you need to be aggressive when you finally talk to them.

Monday, 26 October 2009

I saw Saw 6

I went to see Saw 6.It was really good! you know i love 99% of horror films...i usually think their all great.Even though some people have said it was not good..i disagree and say they dont understand that the film was more then just about seeing people getting limbs and stuff cut off!
My fav scene was the opening scene with the lady (pictured above)...she dont play ...believe me.Theres nothing bad i can say about the film.

Talking about people behind their back:)

Focus on the picture above.........can you see whats going on?Theres a lady minding her own buisness,making a phonecall...who knows what the phonecall is about or who shes talking to.Shes unaware that there is two human predators behind her..discussing something..whispering...must be about her because they are whispering(i.e they dont want her to hear what they are saying).So i know you are most probably thinking they are saying something bad about her....hating on her......BUT!..have you ever thought?they could be saying "wow shes sexy"..or ..."shes got the world at her feet"...."i wanna be her...".Unlikely..they are most probably saying something horrible...
This blog came to mind,because when you think somebodys plotting against you,or talking crap about you,they might not be!they might be saying something good about you...even though as humans we want to straight away think the "negative"..haha!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The balloon boy

We all heard about it....we all saw the story on the first we was all shocked....but when the truth came out.....we all laughed.Apparently the young boy had been swept away in a balloon,but then was found hiding at his house.But the best part was yet to come.When interviewed live on american tv..along with his mum and dad it all went wrong.The young boy said " we did this for a show".The dads face when his son EXPOSED them live on tv was PRICELESS.The dads facial expression was the typical face of somebody being caught out ...but being caught out when theres nothing you can say nor do!We've all heard of people doing stuff to gain publicity,but pretending your kid had been swept away in a balloon is a whole new level{low}.check the video below>

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

T2 ft h-boogie-Better of as Friends

I like this.....produced by T2 (producer of the smash single -Heartbroken,if you dont remeber you must been living on mars) and vocals by h-boogie:)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Nightmare on Elm St 2010

Ok.I am a horror fan,always have been,always will be.So when i heard they was remaking Nightmare on Elm st....i got hyped.So hyped i even started TWEETING one of the producers from the film..who was replying and giving minimal info about this movie.The film is not released till nxt year but they have just dropped the official trailer and i cant deny it,,,,IT LOOKS GOOD.From what i can see Freddy has visited the plastic surgeon,,his face no longer has the 80's burnt look,,he now looks like hes burnt and rotting...looking foward to seeing how they've reworked some of the famous scenes from the original..cause judging by the trailer there is 2 main scenes that they have copied!,,one being the bath scene where the claw comes out the water inbetween her legs and the other being the bedroom scene where the girl gets dragged on the ceiling(that scene shook me up in the original and i think peeps would agree with me)Have a look and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

So Your Too Cool To Line Up

I,ve noticed a new fashion over the last few years....and its a fashion ive noticed is very popular in London off all places..seeing as its a fashion i only ever witness in London.
The fashion is called 'JUMPING QUEUE".
The other day while at the corner shop picking up a bottle of water,as i stepped foward to pay and this lady just skips in front of me outta nowhere saying "Hi 10 mayfairs please"....erm.Im a cool person so i just kept my mouth quiet.I witnessed this same scenario a following 3 times.Then today while in the chicken shop...a lady done it to me AGAIN....WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? i invisible?how would they react if i pushed in front of them(sure i'd get a mouthful)?do i have to stand on stilts while in a shop just so they see me and know NOT to push in?....actually.Theres no point of this blog.When i next go the shop and theres a queue im going to just push in and video peoples reactions.I bet i dont get away with it.Peace.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Its a Sad Day In The UK Music Industry-Kiesha leaves the Sugababies:(

After seeing everybody tweet about it ,ive come to believe this must be true...Kiesha of the Sugababes has departed from the group.Whether ive bought their albums or not dont matter..they always seemed like a fun group and always released good british pop,memories of waking up hungover on a random sunday morning and seeing them performing their latest smash single will always be embedded on my mind.
Matter of fact i came across them last year backstage at V festival..and i remeber kiesha walking past me full of smiles and saying "heyy"..she was being helped through the grass and mud because she had proper high heel sexy boots on.,i was there as a violinist for an amazing showstopping act but couldnt help sneaking away just to catch a glimpse of the sugababies on stage because i had never seen them live before that..i hope the remaining memebers of the Sugababies carry on strong...and good luck to Kiesha!
Lets go down memory lane 

Monday, 21 September 2009

Who Im Listening To Right Now-Kadija Kamara

On my freetime..i usually devote like 2 hrs to searching the web(youtube,myspace,blogs)for up and coming musicians..these activities usually happen late at night when im in search for some musical loving.Well a few weeks ago i came across a lady called Kadija Kamara(you can see her pic on the right,,shes giving you a sexy pose,dipped left shoulder kinda shes hot...but thats not the point.Her vocals are mindblowing...her music is music.Shes got a voice on tracks that you know most probably sounds even better live.
The song that captured me the most of Kadija's is "i feel"(down beat,grooved piano mixed with her soul splitting vocals)..the song on first time of listening had me in its actually can hear her soul crying on this song......but feeling kadija.check her myspace out and experience it for yourself or follow her on her twitter and tell her how great she is.


The other day i held a vote on my facebook about what to name my violin.....

out of the that stuck out was


What do you all think?HOT OR NOT?lol

Talented Artists Do Talented Things-Ryan Leslie-YOUR NOT MY GIRL

Ryan leslie doing what he does

Friday, 18 September 2009

Peoples trickery and webs of deceit.....not in real life..but

Spider Web of Trickery

I remeber once a girl called britt ..who is one of the first people ive ever spoke to online when i first got internet.She said to me "the thing about the internet is people can be somebody they not ...if they wanna" the time she said this to me i thought NOTHING of it...but for some reason always remebered it.......4 yrs down the line its making sense.
On social networking sites like twitter especially....for example people who you know personally that in real life are shallow and maybe materialstic and laugh at people of a less stable financial situation say stuff like

-we are all equal...nobody is better then the other just cause they have money(on twitter,fb)
BUT IN REAL LIFE-we get another scenario
-i only rock the best,,,,,gucci,prada...oh that guys waste because hes always in the same garms

A better example....

-we all need to stick toghter and forget violence and promote positivity

but then this same person is the one at a club where you are at.....with a gang of their friends....trying hard to get your attention so they can start some schoolboy

hope you get my point...people really can mold out how they really wanna be perceived via is weird.....but unfortunatly leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially when i see people who i know and have dealt with in "real life'..tryna pull of this "im soulful and real" facade on the internet when really they are just a living omen...and a bad one at that.Preach what you really are..thats what i wont kill you or end you.

Still Not Over VMA'S 2009

Im a bit late on it all...i was in spain for a week...came back a few days after the VMA's had been aired lived...
IM HOOKED....probably the best VMA's
the moment im still not over is when lil mama jumped on the stage with jay-z...why did she do it?was she drunk?was it a publicity stunt?did she get so hype at one of the most talent rappers being on stage?or is she going crazy?lol
come on now..thats jay-z ,,,thats 1 artists show who i wouldnt personally bother try to mess

Violin getting Named.

Today on Facebook i posted a status asking about names for my violin..ive come across a few devoted instrument players who name their instruments (may seem strange to some,but i dont think so)...these are some of the names that popped up.............

ted davis
rose..............But then this is where it got intresting ,the list continues
mildred....and then Tunde the violin.(thanks to nay nay)

Girl Smashes Her Head Into TV screen and Adaggio laughs ...for once..

I ALWAYS LAUGH AT STUPIDNESS....i know its wrong laughing at others expense....but this is a different case..cnt help it

Why has she got a mask on while doing a beyonce dance routine?

a lil about me before i blog properly properly....

Well...basically..i started playing violin at the age of 7,(also studied other instruments too which got dropped along the way because..i dont know...i forget alot of my past),with a teacher called Ms Wilcox at my primary school in east london called Northwold...The rest was history,even though i had some toooo cool for school teachers along the way..props to Rosie Billet who taught me age 11-16....I remeber her really well cause she use to always talk to me sarcastically..even though at that age i thought she was being down to earth and cool but now when i think about it she most probably thought i was a lil fool.haha...wonder where she is now..(gonna check facebook later).So fast fowarding....round college times even though i was STILL playing classical i started dabbling playing wise in hip hop and other forms of mainstream music...thats when Adaggio was born..............
I soon started appearing in a few videos,backing artists on tv of the pops,cd:uk etc (which are now disceased shows,,still have the backstage "artists" wrist bands though) foward again then i landed the MTV BASE about to blow segment..which was MIND BLOWING.and if im honest did help push Adaggio foward...big up mtv for that.loved you since...since then its been crazy.enough off that now..i,ll talk more about stuff to do with my music as my blog goes on....

I am Violinist BUT i like to write

As the title states im a violinist who does like kinda experimental hip hop,rnb,pop,indie violin and stuff...some would say "cool" violin..but id just say im cool cause i do it..if that makes any sense...:s...The reason ive started this blog is because when i perform or record material i dont get to air my views or now ive started a blog.MWAHAHAHA.