Thursday, 29 October 2009

Speaking in a calm voice can get you alot further....

Aggression is a trait that excists in everybody.
Most time aggression is not needed in situations.
Just because somebody says "NO" it doesnt mean you should flick on your aggressive button.
When somebody busy or doing something and cant answer your call,dont mean you need to be aggressive when you finally talk to them.

Monday, 26 October 2009

I saw Saw 6

I went to see Saw 6.It was really good! you know i love 99% of horror films...i usually think their all great.Even though some people have said it was not good..i disagree and say they dont understand that the film was more then just about seeing people getting limbs and stuff cut off!
My fav scene was the opening scene with the lady (pictured above)...she dont play ...believe me.Theres nothing bad i can say about the film.

Talking about people behind their back:)

Focus on the picture above.........can you see whats going on?Theres a lady minding her own buisness,making a phonecall...who knows what the phonecall is about or who shes talking to.Shes unaware that there is two human predators behind her..discussing something..whispering...must be about her because they are whispering(i.e they dont want her to hear what they are saying).So i know you are most probably thinking they are saying something bad about her....hating on her......BUT!..have you ever thought?they could be saying "wow shes sexy"..or ..."shes got the world at her feet"...."i wanna be her...".Unlikely..they are most probably saying something horrible...
This blog came to mind,because when you think somebodys plotting against you,or talking crap about you,they might not be!they might be saying something good about you...even though as humans we want to straight away think the "negative"..haha!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The balloon boy

We all heard about it....we all saw the story on the first we was all shocked....but when the truth came out.....we all laughed.Apparently the young boy had been swept away in a balloon,but then was found hiding at his house.But the best part was yet to come.When interviewed live on american tv..along with his mum and dad it all went wrong.The young boy said " we did this for a show".The dads face when his son EXPOSED them live on tv was PRICELESS.The dads facial expression was the typical face of somebody being caught out ...but being caught out when theres nothing you can say nor do!We've all heard of people doing stuff to gain publicity,but pretending your kid had been swept away in a balloon is a whole new level{low}.check the video below>

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

T2 ft h-boogie-Better of as Friends

I like this.....produced by T2 (producer of the smash single -Heartbroken,if you dont remeber you must been living on mars) and vocals by h-boogie:)