Monday, 26 October 2009

Talking about people behind their back:)

Focus on the picture above.........can you see whats going on?Theres a lady minding her own buisness,making a phonecall...who knows what the phonecall is about or who shes talking to.Shes unaware that there is two human predators behind her..discussing something..whispering...must be about her because they are whispering(i.e they dont want her to hear what they are saying).So i know you are most probably thinking they are saying something bad about her....hating on her......BUT!..have you ever thought?they could be saying "wow shes sexy"..or ..."shes got the world at her feet"...."i wanna be her...".Unlikely..they are most probably saying something horrible...
This blog came to mind,because when you think somebodys plotting against you,or talking crap about you,they might not be!they might be saying something good about you...even though as humans we want to straight away think the "negative"..haha!

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