Monday, 26 October 2009

I saw Saw 6

I went to see Saw 6.It was really good! you know i love 99% of horror films...i usually think their all great.Even though some people have said it was not good..i disagree and say they dont understand that the film was more then just about seeing people getting limbs and stuff cut off!
My fav scene was the opening scene with the lady (pictured above)...she dont play ...believe me.Theres nothing bad i can say about the film.

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  1. I love the comment that you are a star to yourself - that's the way it should be - shouldn't it??? I'm trying to be a bit quiet tonite - if one can be at 12:30 am in the eve.- (the little boy budgie is covered up in his cage) but he heard you,woke up & now wants to sing along with you. I am sure you are a violinst to all in God's kingdom.