Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I like to sometimes sit down and go through gd memories of gd experiences...One that im going to highlight in this blog post is from touring with Estelle on her european tour last year.It was defintly a good one.As a violinist it was good too because the music was very challenging (the keyboard player had me playing riffs that most violinists would be shook and the shows were crazy and uplifting!Im not going to go into too much detail but my fave show was in Amsterdam!While there during the daytime i went for a walk on my own..and actually liked it alot...theres something about amsterdam thats nice...maybe its the vibe...dunno!I remeber sitting in mcdonalds or wherever it was and just looking out onto the street and thinking "i like it here"...(random)
but yea below is a video from the performance that was defintly a show im never going to forget.....ever!!!!!!!!(im on the lefthand side playing the violin (obviously)lol

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