Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Memories....Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

This is another good memory so far!The middle of this year i got to perform at the bahrain formula 1 grand prix!...For those who dont know where Bahrain is...its near Saudi Arabia.
First thing im gonna say is that its HOT over there....not carribean hot or hot country hot...i mean HOT.For the first time i got proper was my fault though cause i was warned NOT to go in the sun and i didnt listen....but yeah!Those F1 cars are loud..since my ears have not been the left ear is kinda damaged now.The performances went well and the crowd were cool (i think for some it was their first time hearing a violinist play hip hop or performing a dad and his two young kids came over with posters of f1 cars asking for a autograph,,,i had nowhere to lean on so did it on the floor,not realising the floor had grooves in when i went to sign it..i tore a big hole in it...SORRY!haha
I wonder if i will return to perform at a F1 event ...........hmmmm

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