Monday, 28 September 2009

Nightmare on Elm St 2010

Ok.I am a horror fan,always have been,always will be.So when i heard they was remaking Nightmare on Elm st....i got hyped.So hyped i even started TWEETING one of the producers from the film..who was replying and giving minimal info about this movie.The film is not released till nxt year but they have just dropped the official trailer and i cant deny it,,,,IT LOOKS GOOD.From what i can see Freddy has visited the plastic surgeon,,his face no longer has the 80's burnt look,,he now looks like hes burnt and rotting...looking foward to seeing how they've reworked some of the famous scenes from the original..cause judging by the trailer there is 2 main scenes that they have copied!,,one being the bath scene where the claw comes out the water inbetween her legs and the other being the bedroom scene where the girl gets dragged on the ceiling(that scene shook me up in the original and i think peeps would agree with me)Have a look and tell me what you think!


  1. I agree mate! that looks good! im a horror fan as well, but its got that micheal bay feel to it.
    and i hope its will deliver on the hype.

  2. yep it has that michael bay feel to it...but it looks kinda dark which i think made the original kinda scary.should be good