Friday, 18 September 2009

Peoples trickery and webs of deceit.....not in real life..but

Spider Web of Trickery

I remeber once a girl called britt ..who is one of the first people ive ever spoke to online when i first got internet.She said to me "the thing about the internet is people can be somebody they not ...if they wanna" the time she said this to me i thought NOTHING of it...but for some reason always remebered it.......4 yrs down the line its making sense.
On social networking sites like twitter especially....for example people who you know personally that in real life are shallow and maybe materialstic and laugh at people of a less stable financial situation say stuff like

-we are all equal...nobody is better then the other just cause they have money(on twitter,fb)
BUT IN REAL LIFE-we get another scenario
-i only rock the best,,,,,gucci,prada...oh that guys waste because hes always in the same garms

A better example....

-we all need to stick toghter and forget violence and promote positivity

but then this same person is the one at a club where you are at.....with a gang of their friends....trying hard to get your attention so they can start some schoolboy

hope you get my point...people really can mold out how they really wanna be perceived via is weird.....but unfortunatly leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially when i see people who i know and have dealt with in "real life'..tryna pull of this "im soulful and real" facade on the internet when really they are just a living omen...and a bad one at that.Preach what you really are..thats what i wont kill you or end you.

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  1. Haa! I agree with this. I don't understand the fascination in pretending to be someone yr not.. whats in the dark will eventually come into the light, and all that! Why not promote yourself!? Celebrate you r differences with people, don't try to conform for others appreciation and acceptance! Real life is whats its about!!!