Wednesday, 23 September 2009

So Your Too Cool To Line Up

I,ve noticed a new fashion over the last few years....and its a fashion ive noticed is very popular in London off all places..seeing as its a fashion i only ever witness in London.
The fashion is called 'JUMPING QUEUE".
The other day while at the corner shop picking up a bottle of water,as i stepped foward to pay and this lady just skips in front of me outta nowhere saying "Hi 10 mayfairs please"....erm.Im a cool person so i just kept my mouth quiet.I witnessed this same scenario a following 3 times.Then today while in the chicken shop...a lady done it to me AGAIN....WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? i invisible?how would they react if i pushed in front of them(sure i'd get a mouthful)?do i have to stand on stilts while in a shop just so they see me and know NOT to push in?....actually.Theres no point of this blog.When i next go the shop and theres a queue im going to just push in and video peoples reactions.I bet i dont get away with it.Peace.

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  1. man people confuse the hell out of me. and it just made more confusing with backward logic...or just being disrespectful to a fellow person...they you ask your self...what happend to this place...what changed :P