Monday, 21 September 2009

Who Im Listening To Right Now-Kadija Kamara

On my freetime..i usually devote like 2 hrs to searching the web(youtube,myspace,blogs)for up and coming musicians..these activities usually happen late at night when im in search for some musical loving.Well a few weeks ago i came across a lady called Kadija Kamara(you can see her pic on the right,,shes giving you a sexy pose,dipped left shoulder kinda shes hot...but thats not the point.Her vocals are mindblowing...her music is music.Shes got a voice on tracks that you know most probably sounds even better live.
The song that captured me the most of Kadija's is "i feel"(down beat,grooved piano mixed with her soul splitting vocals)..the song on first time of listening had me in its actually can hear her soul crying on this song......but feeling kadija.check her myspace out and experience it for yourself or follow her on her twitter and tell her how great she is.

1 comment:

  1. mate she is tight, love her vox, and the down tempo beat. nice find!